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Sewing a blessing (or christening) gown is something I've looked forward to for a long time--before I even had children, in fact. So when I found out last spring that we would be welcoming a baby girl to our family I was ecstatic about getting to plan a special dress for her.

I always liked the idea of using the fabric from my wedding gown to create blessing outfits, however I am very much a sentimentalist, and I couldn't bear cutting up my beautiful dress. So smarty-pants me, when I ordered the matching lace for alterations, I made sure to order extra so I'd have plenty to use for future blessing gowns without having to touch my own dress.

I used the Geranium Dress from Made By Rae to create Mars' blessing gown. Knowing that we'd most likely have another small baby (and we were right! Our first and second weighed the exact same, 6lbs 1oz), I scaled down to make a newborn size--the Made By Rae listing says it comes in newborn, but when you check the size chart its actually starts at 0-3 months. I loved this dress for her blessing gown because the Geranium has a rather full skirt compared to similar patterns, which, combined with layers of chiffon and tulle, made for a perfectly layered and ethereal dress.


I utilized my wedding lace in the bodice which is another one of my favorite parts about the Geranium. There are three necklines and the notched neckline mimicked that of my own wedding dress. My only issue though is that after making several more Geraniums, I feel like the neck opening is a bit too small and sits a little too close to the neck for what I see as comfortable. However I've only made the three smallest sizes, so its possible this is resolved in the larger sizes as the child has more neck control and that space between the child's head and chest lengthens. Can anyone back me up on this theory?

The Geranium has three sleeve options: cap sleeve, flutter sleeve, and sleeveless. I chose the cap sleeve option which resulted in a simple and quick bodice construction for a lined bodice, plus no set in sleeve, which sometimes is a real bummer sewing task for me, even if I want the look. Downside of course is the three choices offer about the same coverage and a similar look, so if you're wanting a proper sleeve or longer sleeve, you'll have to draft your own. *5/22: Rae just posted a teaser on her blog and it looks like an expansion pack with multiple sleeve, bow, and collar options will be available soon, so keep an eye out for that!* 

In addition to sleeve and neckline options, the Geranium also has two skirt options, gathered or pleated, and of course the pattern can be made in dress length or blouse length. And there's even an option for a darling pocket too! Overall its a very versatile pattern and a great starting point for adding your own variations and hacks. Between my own daughter and a couple baby shower and birthday gifts I've made about ten and each one is truly different.

Have you sewn the Geranium Dress yet? What is your favorite feature?