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Eucalypt Curve x Megan Nielsen

Eucalypt Curve x Megan Nielsen

This post is my honest opinion using a pattern I received free of charge from Megan Nielsen Patterns.

Today I’m sharing my version of the new Eucalypt Curve by Megan Nielsen Patterns! Megan has been working hard to expand the size range for her previously released patterns (did you catch her blog post with the new Curve looks? They all look so great!) and the Eucalypt tank finally got a sizing makeover—and re-released with a new swimsuit this week as well.

I took some liberties with my Eucalypt dress by adding sleeves and a peter pan collar, but the original pattern is a gem. The D cup drafting for the Curve version fit perfectly and the revamped, numbered sizing (compared to the previous S/M/L/etc lettered sizing) resulted in a much better fit for me. The tank is finished with french seams so even the insides look lovely, and there’s an option for a top or dress making it a great basic for a warm weather wardrobe.


I made a size 16 with the following adjustments:

  • Moved the bust dart point up 1.5” and the legs 1”. This is pretty common for me because of the short distance from my shoulders to apex.

  • Added short sleeves using the sleeve and armscye from the Darling Ranges dress, another Megan Nielsen pattern.

  • Drafted a peter pan collar to fit the Eucalypt and widened the neckline by 5/8”.

  • I did not shorten the length of the dress, which is normally intended to hit a couple inches above the knee.

I was so pleased with the fit of my Eucalypt dress—and in some Rifle Paper Company that I’ve been holding on to for a year, it turned out to be the perfect vintage-inspired Easter dress this month. My only critique is that since I fall in the overlap between the original size range and the Curve range, I wish the D cup was included in both. I already have quite a few Megan Nielsen patterns and it would be nice if I could access the D cup drafting without having to purchase a different version of the pattern. I do appreciate the generous size overlap between the two ranges, however I am a proponent of having one comprehensive size range instead of separating “straight” and “plus/curve/expanded/etc” sizes. A size chart is just a tool we use to make garments; no need to name it anything more than that ;) But at the end of the day, I’m really happy that Megan Nielsen Patterns has made this change and is offering more size inclusive patterns. Her designs are fresh and stylish and I’m so glad more individuals will be able to make them. Thanks to this revamped sizing, you can expect a nice fit with excellent instructions and drafting.


I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the other Curve offerings. I’ve been testing the curve or expanded ranges for a few designers lately and even though I fit in their old size charts, I’m finding that these newer pattern blocks that they’re coming out with just fit my shape a bit better. Everything is feeling more finessed and that’s making me more enthusiastic about sewing for myself, which is always a good thing!

Are you ecstatic about the new Curve patterns? What’s on your to-make list?

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