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#SewMyStyle2019 - Activewear: Inspo + Sources

#SewMyStyle2019 - Activewear: Inspo + Sources

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m really excited to be leading some monthly challenges for Sew My Style 2019, and I’m jumping right in by leading January’s theme: Activewear! Today I’ve got a whole slew of pattern ideas and fabric sources for all things active. This is a great theme because its really so open ended and can be suited to your particular wardrobe and activity needs. Interested in cycling or sports? Fehr Trade and Jalie are great places to start. Or maybe you’re more in to yoga or barre in which case you might be interested in Cashmerette or Seamwork offerings. I’ve also got some loungewear patterns for trusty athleisure options, plus patterns for mens activewear, and some accessories too! And since athletic fabrics might be new territory for some makers, I’ve got a few sources that can get you started—but even fabrics can be pretty open ended! I’ve broken things up in to a few categories which I hope you find helpful as you look for garments that will inspire you, and I’ve also included the size range for that pattern.

#SewMyStyle January: Activewear Pattern Suggestions

LEGGINGS - My first thought when I think about activewear is leggings. Here’s several options from leggings with sportier details like tech pockets and gussets, to simpler leggings that work great for active and day wear.
Sloan Leggings by Hey June, XS-XXL
Avery Leggings by Helen’s Closet, XS-XXL  
Peg Legs by Patterns for Pirates, XS-3XL (FREE!)
Cora Tights by Jalie Patterns, 4-22
Super G Tights by Greenstyle Creations, XXS-3XL 
Belmont Leggings by Cashmerette, 12-28  
Aires Leggings by Seamwork, XS-3XL  
Virginia Leggings by Megan Nielsen, 0-30  

OTHER BOTTOMS - Here’s some shorts, a flared workout pant, and a super neat skort that’s great for tennis! Also, keep in mind that some of the leggings patterns have a shorts option.
Moxi Shorts by Greenstyle Creations, 0-18  
Mountain Pose Pants by Hey June, XS-XXL  
Multisport Skort by Jalie, 4-22  

ATHLEISURE - Because lets be real, for many of us activewear is just another name for house clothes ;)
Brassie Joggers by Greenstyle Creations, XXS-3XL   
Hudson Pants by True Bias, 0-18  
No Sweat Pants, Seamly x Indiesew, XS-XXL  


TANKS - for ultimate comfort and unrestricted movement, here are four tank top options, including a free pattern!
Tie Back Tank by Greenstyle Creations, XXS-3XL  
XYT Workout Top by Fehr Trade, XXS-XL  
Lago Tank by Itch to Stitch, 00-20 (FREE!)  
Pneuma Tank by Papercut Patterns, XXS-XL 

TEES - Some of these tees are designed as activewear, but I think any tee is activewear if you sweat in it! I’ve included a couple other tees that I think would be great for activewear, but don’t forget to consider your own favorite tee pattern.
Rio by Seamwork, XS-3XL  
Cedar Tank and Dolman Top by Cashmerette, 12-28 (with cup sizes!)  
Merlofield Tee by Sew House 7, 00-20  
Concord T-Shirt by Cashmerette, 12-28 (with cup sizes!)  
Basic Tee by Seamly x Indiesew, XS-XL  
Knot-maste Yoga Set by Fehr Trade, XXS-XL  

SWEATSHIRTS/SWEATERS - For that extra cozy warmup layer or getting outside on a cold day.
Tallinn Sweater by Hey June, XS-XXL  
Jarrah Sweater by Megan Nielsen, 0-30
Toaster Sweater by Sew House 7, XS-XXL  
Constellation Sweater and Pullover by Love Notions, XS-3XL  
TAMI Revolution Hoodie by New Horizons, 00-26  

UNDERGARMENTS - For many women, well fitting sports bras can be hard to come by. Here are some sports bra options as well as a bralette for lighter activity or loungewear.
Dunbar Top and Bra by Sewholic, 0-20  
Endurance Sports Bra by Greenstyle Creations, 28B-40H  
Ororo Bralette by Rad Patterns, XXS-4XL  
Sports Bra and Short Tights by Jalie, 4-22  

MENS - Sew My Style isn’t just for women’s clothing! Menswear is fair game and here are some patterns that would make great activewear.
Men’s Hudson Pant by True Bias, 28-42  
Lightspeed Leggings by Fehr Trade, XXS-XL 
Surf to Summit Top by Fehr Trade, XXS-XL  
North Star Hoodie and Pullover by Love Notions, XS-3XL  
Tank Top by Wardrobe by Me, 2XS-3XL  
Strathcona Henley/T Shirt by Thread Theory, XS-XL  
Daily Tee by The Wolf and the Tree, S-4XLT  

ACCESSORIES - The final pattern category for a few accessories in case you’re squared away with clothing but could use a bag or other active add on. Plus a couple free ones!
Running Armband by Fehr Trade (FREE!)  
Shawmut Yoga Bag by Cashmerette  
Scrunchy by Made for Mermaids (FREE!)  
Fennel Fanny Pack by Sarah Kirsten  
Knit Headband Tutorial by Melly Sews (FREE!)  

FABRIC SOURCES - Sometimes sourcing fabrics for specialty items like activewear can be tough, so here are a few suggestions to get you started!
Blackbird Fabrics - Lovely bamboo and modal knits for tops or loungers.
La Mercerie - I’ve heard from several people that the heavyweight activewear is great for leggings!
Sewing Studio - Activewear options including some black Lululemon dead stock as well as sweatshirting options.
Surge Fabric Shop - Tons of activewear options!
Fabric.com - A “big box” option with a wide variety of activewear fabrics and general knits.
Stoff & Stil - An international option for activewear.
So Sew English - Lots of activewear fabrics as well as knits for tops and hoodies

I hope these links prove fruitful for you in your activewear sewing goals! Please feel free to add your favorite patterns and fabric shops in the comments so we can share the goodness. Now its time for me to settle on my final patterns—I’m thinking a Tallinn Sweater with some modifications and a pair of leggings….What will you make for Sew My Style?

If you’d like to read more about #SewMyStyle2019 make sure to check out this blog post, and scroll to the bottom to subscribe to the newsletter so you never miss an update! You can also join the special Sew My Style Facebook Group for more tips and inspiration from your fellow makers. See you there!

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