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Red Linen Crew Trousers

Red Linen Crew Trousers

I received this pattern and a fabric credit from Chalk & Notch for free in exchange for photographs of my make. I was under no obligation to review or share my finished project. Fabric was purchased with my fabric partner discount from The Sewing Workshop. All words and opinions are my own.

I’ve had a complicated relationship with red. There was a time as a youth that I loved it—like, I still remember being a teenager and sitting with the newspaper (wow that sentence made me feel really old), pouring over used car ads for a red car. Sixteen year old Megan would’ve sworn to you that someday she’d have a bright red Mustang. Red was bold and interesting and cool.

But I realized the last several years that I haven’t been a fan of the striking hue. I don’t think I’ve even owned anything red, with the exception of a couple items made in red Rifle Paper Co. floral because, Rifle Paper Co. I don’t know if its because I didn’t like common color combos with red (like red + white or red + black), or I didn’t want to attract attention in the bright color, but unless it was lipstick, I almost always avoided red.

Then September happened. During both Fashion Week(s) and the Emmy’s, the red and pink combo was everywhere. And I loved it! I also realized that my friend Katie often wears red and pink together and that those are some of my favorite outfits of hers. Everything was now clear! Want to wear red? Pair it with my utmost favorite color, pink.


So when it was time to pick fabric for the release of the Crew Trousers by Chalk & Notch, red was at the top of my list. I chose this medium weight linen from the Sewing Workshop, and it arrived a perfect shade of red; not too cool, but not so warm that its borderline orange. Just a nice, vibrant, red. Of course making red pants was conditional upon a pink top to go with them, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted hot pink or blushy coral…so I did both!

My Victory Tank (also by Chalk & Notch) is actually reversible! Because the Victory Tank is designed with a lining, I was able to tweak the pattern to make the tank reversible. On one side is a more demure pink crepe, and on the other side is a vibrant, you-can’t-miss-it hot pink silk. Both look so good with the red linen, but I guess I was feeling bold when we photographed these and went with the hot pink side. Look at me, being fun and wearing hot pink and red in October!


Now lets talk about this pant pattern. For the past few months I’ve thought to myself on several occasions that I wished Chalk & Notch would make some pants because I love every other pattern Gabriela puts out. Imagine my excitement when she teased the first few photos of the Crew Trousers! I’ve been trying more non-jean pants lately and was eager to make these too.

I made a size 18 according to the measurement chart, with the following changes right off the bat (I’m 5’1” and short waisted):

  • shortened the rise 1/2'“

  • shortened the length 4” (1.5” at the thigh, 1.5” at the calf, and 1” at the hem)

After these initial adjustments I was already impressed with the fit. Normally fitting pants to my body and the changes experienced from childbearing is tricky (the Lander Pants have made me cry on no less than four instances). But these pants worked almost perfectly right off the cutting table. I decided to scoop the front crotch about 1/4”, and that was all I needed in that department. It was amazing! I also slimmed the side seam at the thigh—the fit of which is totally on me because I didn’t check the thigh measurement chart before cutting. If I had I would’ve noticed I needed to blend down to a 16 for the leg.


Obviously patterns can only be so universal when it comes to pants and all that fitting them to unique bodies entails, but this pattern is top notch, folks. After I made them I told Gabriela that at this point I pretty much trust her with my life. And yes, that’s a jokey thing to say, but for real, you guys? She does an amazing job with her patterns. The Crew Trousers are so nicely designed and she’s gone above and beyond in the pattern instructions and supplemental blog content to help customers get the best fit possible with these pants, and I absolutely would recommend them for a classic trouser.


I’m so happy for Chalk & Notch and the release of this new pattern. To read the Crew Release blog post head here, and make sure to check out the tester versions here as well. And finally, if you’re not yet convinced of Gabriela’s dedication, take a look at this Pinterest board for the Crew Trousers, with pants fitting resources, tester and ready-to-wear inspo, and fabric suggestions. I mean, how can you not make them now?!

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